Massive campaign launched against Amazon for hurting religious sentiments

Campaign launched against Amazon

TNC, Nov 26
A massive campaign has been launched online against Amazon, an e-commerce giant, for allegedly hurting the sentiments of people by using the photos of Hindu Gods in doormats and toilet cover.
“The campaign is gaining momentum with each passing days and if the company will not apologise publicly and remove the products immediately, then the people of India will teach them a lesson causing massive revenue loss,” said convener of Chhattisgarh Civil Society Dr Kuldeep Solanki.
Dr Solanki further informed that the derogatory act of the company to earn money by inappropriately using the photos of Hindu Gods has hurt the sentiments of massive populations. Chhattisgarh Civil Society has taken the matter seriously and took up the task of highlighting the issue at national-level. We have called on people to lodge their complaint by calling to the customer care of Amazon.
If Amazon will not remove the products, which is hurting Hindu sentiments, from its Europe and American sites, then a proper lesson will be taught to the company, added Dr Solanki.


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