DGP reviews law & order, pats Raipur Police solving big cases.

DGP DM Awasthi reviews Law & Order.

As the Raipur district rocked by the streak of crimes, Chhattisgarh Director General of Police DM Awasthi reviewed the law & order situation in the district with senior officials today.

DGP DM Awasthi analyzed the crime scenario in the district and laid emphasis on basic, impactful and visible policing which the common people could see and feel. DGP Awasthi also underlined the need to bring about improvement in the system to set an example for the police force of other districts of Chhattisgarh. DGP asked them to chart out a list of habitual criminals and miscreants to act up on sternly so as to commoners could put faith on Police.

He also asked them to increase the frequency of police patrolling so as the nefarious activities like gambling, betting, and selling of illicit liquor or drugs could be checked. The crimes against women, in particular, should be taken up with great importance. Stopping criminals requires swift and decisive action, which is also visible to the people.

DGP also patted Raipur Police in the back for solving several big criminal cases this year. He said goons and noted criminals could be also be monitored while checking of vehicles on the street. There should be a constant connection between the police and people as citizens can prove very handy in solving crimes.


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