Two men caught in Mandirhasoud jewellery shop burglary case, three still at large.

Two men accused of Burglary at Jewellery shop.

Two inter-state culprits have been nabbed in a month old case of Burglary at a jewellery shop located at Mandirhasoud. The accused were caught and brought from Malda, West Bengal to Raipur on transit remand on Thursday.

Police have also recovered 6 kg and 300 grams of silver ornaments and some other jewellery items, which are estimated to be worth about rupees 6 lakhs. The incident happened on the night of October 26, when a shop Gayatri Jewelers was struck by burglars.

New Rajendra Nagar resident, shop owner Jagdish Soni was notified about the incident by one Pratik Sahu, who runs another shop adjacent to Soni’s. Burglars entered the shop by digging a hole in the back wall.  As Soni assessed the loss, he found 17 kg of silver and some other pieces of gold and silver items were missing. Burglars were also smart enough to take the DVR of CCTV cameras installed at the shop to cover their trail. Police invoked Sections 357 and 380 of IPC against unidentified burglars before commencing the probe.

The investigation led them to some people of West Bengal and Jharkhand, who were working as labourers at a project in Nawa Raipur and suddenly disappeared following the incident. Locals told police that the labourers, who often come to shop grocery, have stopped visiting all of a sudden. They even left the work and sold some of the stolen booties to a jeweller in Mumbai.

A Police team was dispatched to Malda, where they rounded up two accused Prabhu Chowdhury and Krishna Mandal. On subjecting to interrogation, the duo told that it was the job of five men as three accomplices, who are natives of Sahebganj, Jharkhand, are still at large.


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