Dongargarh Police arrest two more women in human trafficking case.


Dongargarh Police made a big breakthrough in the human-trafficking case when they caught two more women including a BJP leader from Pandri, Raipur on Friday. Accused Ganga Pandey, a secretary at BJP Fafadih Mandal, used to arrange flight tickets for the trafficked women and girls.

The first arrest in human trafficking case was made, when a 21-year-old trafficked married woman was recovered from Rajasthan and she revealed the name of one Sajada. The Police also rounded up Sajada, whose job was to ensnare the girls and women by promising them jobs with high-wages or marriage with a well-settled boy. The Gang was active in states like Rajasthan, Haryana and Chhattisgarh.

Once the girls and women were trapped, the traffickers told them to gangs running prostitution rackets in Rajasthan and Haryana. Rajnandgaon Police has expanded the scope of their investigation with new revelations. The fresh arrest indicates that traffickers have a wide network in the Capital city as well. Ganga Pandey reported having been in contact with several people in the position of influence and power.

Ganga lives at Durga Nagar area of Pandri with her three sons and husband, who is a fabricator and welder at a metal fabrication shop. Police expecting some revelation of more big names in foreseeable future.  


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