Shahdol Police arrests Muslim man for assaulting his Hindu wife when she refused to learn Urdu, Arabic languages.


Madhya Pradesh (MP) Shahdol Police arrested a Muslim man for assaulting his Hindu wife when she refused to learn Urdu and Arabic languages. Dhanpuri resident victim woman Jyoti Dahiya had lodged a report with Shahdol Police against her husband Mohammad Irshad Khan for forcing her to learn the languages.

According to information, Jyoti Dahayiya had married Mohammad Irshad Khan 2 years ago. It was all hunky-dory a few days after the marriage, but then her in-laws started putting pressure on her to adopt the Islamic ways of living. They coerced Jyoti to learn Urdu and Arabic language, but Jyoti wasn’t interested at all. As she refused, Md Irshad Khan also allegedly assaulted her. Every day’s physical assault proved too much for Jyoti, who finally ran away from the home of in-laws and lodged a complaint with the police. After registering the report, Police promptly arrested her husband and sent him to jail.

Fed up of the mental and physical harassment, Jyoti had reached to her parents on November 27. Thereafter, she reported the case to the police. She told the police that Irshad always coerced her to learn Urdu/Arabic languages and Islamic ways of living, but she couldn’t. Jyoti said she wants to stay in Hindu religion.


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