Good Governance is Government’s priority: CM Shivraj

Good Governance is Government’s priority

CM Helpline and Samadhan Online will be restarted

Bhopal, Nov 30
“Good governance is the priority of Madhya Pradesh government. The government is softer than the flower for good people and harder than the thunderbolt for the anti-socials. Our goal is the welfare of the poor and farmers,” stated Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
The Chief Minister further said that the interests of common people will be protected. The state government is reintroducing CM Helpline and Samadhan Online in an effective manner. This will enable people to come closer to the government.
“The Parliament of the country has enacted three laws for the all-round benefit of farmers. The Madhya Pradesh government supports these laws and is always standing with the farmers,” said CM Shivraj.
Chief Minister Shivraj said this in his message to the people of the state.
Chief Minister Shivraj said that our goal is the welfare of poor people. No poor will be put into trouble in the state. The state government will ensure that benefits of schemes are easily accessible to them. Chief Minister said that he himself will conduct surprise inspections to implement the scheme at ground level and be apprised with people’s woes.
Chief Minister Shivraj said that the state government is committed to destroy all types of mafia in the state and uprooting them. The government has acted on its words in reality. Action is on against all kinds of mafia, smugglers, goons and miscreants in the state. In the last few days, strict and major action has been taken in Indore, Bhopal, Mandsaur, Agar, Neemuch, Jabalpur, Satna and Ujjain. Similarly, a campaign for freedom from adulteration has been launched in the state to teach adulterators a lesson.
Chief Minister Shivraj said that girls are threatened, seduced and married following which the cycle of religious conversion takes place. The life of girls becomes hell. The state government will enact a law to prevent this by bringing a bill in the next assembly session. The honour of women and girls will be protected at all costs. The guilty will be punished severely. Empowerment of women is the goal of our government.
He further said that farmers are the soul of the state. I consider that my first duty is to be concerned about the farmers. Farmers will not be allowed to face any kind of problem. Prime Minister Modi made three laws in the Parliament of the country for the farmers and for the progress of agriculture, which is totally in the interest of farmers. Farmers will get total freedom to sell their crop whether he sells his crop in the Mandi or outside. He will get fair price for the crop sitting at home. The farmers will be given many options. The farmer can get a fair price for the crop at the time of sowing. Under adverse situation, the farmer can forego any contract. The system of procurement of crop at support price will continue. Mandis will be operational. We stand in support of these laws with full force for the benefit of farmers.
Chief Minister Shivraj said that the state government has taken many steps in the interest of farmers. Wheat has been procured on support price. At present, paddy, jowar and millet is being procured at support price. Relief assistance and compensation amount under RBC 6 (4) will be deposited in the bank accounts of farmers for their damaged crops. On December 3, the amount combining the Mukhya Mantri Kisan Kalyan-Nidhi and the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Kalyan-Nidhi, will be deposited in the bank account of five lakh farmers. The state government will provide Rs four thousand in two installments to farmers every year. The government will continue to take steps for the welfare of farmers. No stone will be left unturned to make agriculture a profitable business.


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