Two people killed in a freakish accident, giant pipe ripped through a bus in Rajasthan

Pipe ripped through the bus

In a freakish accident, two people killed when a giant pipe ripped through the back seat of a bus near village Sanderao on Jaipur-Ahemadabad NH-162 in Pali district of Rajasthan on Tuesday. The pipe hanging from a hydraulic machine severed the head of a woman and burst the head of a youth.

According to reports, the bus was passing by an area where work on the underground gas pipeline was going on. A giant pipe dangling from hydraulic machine suddenly swung into the NH and pierced through the back seat of the bus. Two passengers were killed on the spots while 11 others were taken to the hospital. The deceased have been identified as Bhanwarlal Prajapat and main Devi Devasi.

The private bus was headed from Marwad Junction to Pune when the hydraulic machine operator recklessly drove into the four-lane NH-162 without caring about the incoming traffic. The bus operator had very little time to react or dodge the giant pipe.


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