Five including a baby killed when a car plough through streets in Trier, France

Five persons killed road mishap

TNC Desk, Dec 2

Five people including a baby were killed and 14 injured when a speeding car plough through the pedestrian shopping street of Trier, a southwestern city of Germany on Tuesday. Police had arrested the driver.

The driver, a middle-aged native man of Trier was inebriated at the time of the incident and also suffered psychiatric problems. There appeared to be no prima-facie evidence of a political motive and the authorities had requested for placing the accused in a psychiatric care facility.

The victims include a nine-month-old baby, a septuagenarian woman, a 24-year-old woman, a 45-year-old man.  Baby’s mother was undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The driver plough through the street for around 1 kilometre. Officers had cordoned off the area and evacuated the people, who were mostly out for Christmas shopping.


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