Raipur to have Pink Toilets for women in market places, toilets to be equipped with facilities like feeding room, sanitary napkin dispenser etc

Conceptual design of pink toilets

Raipur Smart City Limited (RSCL) will soon be building dedicated pink toilets for women in crowded market places in Raipur.

These toilets will also have facilities like a feeding room, waiting room, welcome room and four toilets, geezer, incinerator and sanitary napkin vending machines. There are also going to be smart LED screens for women to monitor their kids while using the toilet.

Waiting women can get magazines to read. There is also a plan to build general toilets for the use of both women and men according to the need. The pink and general toilets will be operated by private agencies, to select which expression of interest will be invited.

While visiting City’s major cloth market at Pandri, Raipur Mayor Aijaz Dhebar had directed the RSCL officials to build dedicated pink toilets for women. The pink toilets will be built in market areas like Pandri, Shastri Market, Jawahar Bazaar, Collectorate premises, Budhatalab, and Telibandha. Marking of land for the toilets have already been made and soon the expression of interest will be invited. The agencies will have to operate the toilets with income from advertisements.


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