Trinamool Congress goons attack BJP rally in Asansol, West Bengal, two BJP party workers sustained bullet wounds.


Trinamool Congress-backed goons allegedly attacked a political rally of Bharatiya Janata Party with crude bombs and gun fire in Asansol of West Bengal on Saturday.

As the Bengal is heading closer to the election year, ruling Trinamool Congress is getting more and more aggressive. The recent success of BJP in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Election has also given jitters and restlessness to Trinamool Congress.

Hence, the attack on BJP leaders and party workers have become all too common. Police sources told that as the rally was passing by the Barabani area, a group of suspected Trinamool Congress hooligans opened gun fire at the rally and hurled crude bombs. Several people reported have been injured including two taking bullets. The injured men were admitted to a hospital.

BJP leader Laxman Garui blamed Trinamool Congress henchmen  for firing and hurling bombs at the rally. He said Trinamool Congress was trying to scare them as the Assembly Elections are closing in by such violent attacks.

Police had recovered crude bombs from the crime scene. BJP National Vice President Mukul Roy also alleged Trinamool Congress of attacking opposition leaders and workers across the West Bengal.

Trinamool Congress spokesman Kunal Ghosh has repudiated the accusations and passed the buck on BJP’s infighting, completely denying their role in the attack.


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