Green Care Society organises programs on United Nations International Volunteer Day and World Soil Day 2020



Green Care Society India organised public awareness programmes at Dantewada, Mahasamund and Durg districts of Chhattisgarh on the occasion of United Nations International Volunteer Day and World Soil Day on December 5.  Teacher from Dantewada as well as Life Member of The Indian Science Congress Association under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Amjuri Biswanathled the public awareness programmes. The theme of the programme was f “We Can Together Through Volunteering” for United Nations International Volunteer Day 2020 and on the theme of “Keeping Soil Alive, Protecting Soil Biodiversity” for World Soil Day 2029. 

He appealed that youth and general public should come forward for social welfare and environmental protection through volunteering as Water-Forest-Land are very important in life. By following the rules and laws of the government, all people come together and help each other to empower and prosper the country.  President of Green Care Society Viswanath Panigrahi appealed from Lok Kala Marg, Durg to the general public, students and youths to voluntarily come forward to serve the nation and for human service.   At the same time, on the occasion of World Soil Day, he said that due to increasing plastics and pollution, the deteriorating quality of soil is a concern for health. People should work for the benefit of society by becoming a volunteer for plantation, environmental protection, use of organic manure and pollution control. Under the leadership of innovative teacher Vijay Sharma, Komakhan of Mahasamund district gave a very important message for soil and health by tying a rakhi to trees. Chhattisgarhi poet Govardhanlal Baghel from village Tedinara, he reached the farmer’s farm and planted trees and discussed with them to improve soil quality. Yogesh Badhai took plantation and carried out a cleanliness program around the Ram temple in the village Mohgaon.  In this programme, Asim Baipari  Surendra Soni, Virendra Mandavi from Geedam, Nitin Jain, Santram Chandrakar, Pankaj Jain, Pankaj Yadav, Rahul Shriwas Devvrat Sharma, Rajendra Pandhare, Bunty Yadav from Komakhan, Rupesh Sahu, Santosh Vibhar, Ghananjay Baghel, Neelkanth Sahu, Yogesh Sahu, Gopi Dhivar, Gajendra Thakur from Mahasamund Ganjar took participated actively.


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