Shiksharth aaiye-Sevarth jaiye, always remain a student and do better work: Minister Dr. Mishra

Shiksharth aaiye-Sevarth jaiye

Joint convocation ceremony of Deputy Superintendents of Police concludes
State gets 128 new Deputy Superintendents of Police

Bhopal, Dec 7

“It is essential to always remain a student to succeed in life. Restraint on speech is must in service. Strong will power must be maintained. There is no match to experience. Regular self-assessment is must,” said the state’s Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra.

The Home Minister said this while addressing the joint convocation of Deputy Superintendents of Police. The state has got 128 new police officers from the joint convocation of the 39th, 40th and 41st batch held at Bhouri Police Academy. During the ceremony, 36 officers including 19 women officers were awarded for their best performance during the training. Women officers secured first position in overall performance in the 39th and 40th batch. In addition to the awarding officers, remaining officers participated in the function through YouTube Live from their respective districts virtually.

Home Minister Dr Mishra said that one must be strong during service. He said that problems arise when the mind is weak, when the mind is stable it is a challenge, but when the mind is strong, opportunities emerge from the adverse situation. All of you passed out of the academy and got training also in the academy, but despite this, there is no greater teacher than experience.

Minister Dr. Mishra said that you are going to serve on an important post, always remember that only your speech can bring about revolution, confusion and peace in the world. Your way of talking in the area of work will determine your success.

Minister Dr. Mishra said that when your outlook is good, the world seems good, but when your speech is good, your will utter good words and the world will appreciate you. One must assess oneself better. We must learn from the society and become experienced and make the department proud by performing better.

Will face challenges and succeed: DGP Johri

Addressing the joint convocation, Director General of Police Vivek Johri said that training has prepared you to meet challenges. Changing times is full of challenges. Mode of crime has changed, so new examples of patriotism and public service must be set while remaining alert and updated and patriotic public service. He said that the newly trained Deputy Superintendents of Police will face challenges and succeed.

Extending greetings, Special Director General of Police, Aruna Mohan Rao, said that all have given excellent performance during training which will be helpful in moving ahead during service. Deputy Director Academy Vineet Kapoor provided information about the trainees and training in his welcome address. The guests were welcomed with basil plants. The programme was conducted by ASP Neeraj Pandey.

Women Deputy Superintendents of Police gave better performance

It was told at the ceremony that out of 128 Deputy Superintendents of Police the three batches, there are 56 women police officers. Among the officers who have been awarded, 19 out of 36 are women police officers. On the basis of overall performance in the three batches, women officers in two batches got the first place. Richa Jain in the 39th batch, Yashasvi Shinde in 40th batch and Parag Saini in 41st batch got the first position. Priya Singh from 39th batch and Yashasvi Shinde from the 40th batch got the first position while Parag Saini got the first position in 41st batch in the evaluation of internal examinations.

Additional SP Rashmi Pandey, Sandeep Bhuria, retired officer Virendra Singh Gurjar and Inspector Chaudhary Madanmohan Samar were also honored for their distinguished services as instructors. Director of Police Academy and ADG (Training) Anuradha Shankar Singh, Lokayukta ADG T.K. Waife, ADG Ashok Awasthi was also present in the ceremony.


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