Manure, biogas from Elephant dung at Ernakulam


A waste disposal project has been commissioned at the Kodanad Elephant Park of Abhayaranyam Eco-tourism Centre in Ernakulam District of Kerala.   Under the project, both Elephant and Deer dung will be converted into bio-fertilizer for use in organic farming and biogas which can be used as a cooking fuel to prepare Elephant food.

The project has been undertaken by the Forest Development Agency located in Koovappadi Block Panchayat with financial support from Suchitwa Mission and technical assistance from the Socio-Economic Foundation.

For starters, 10 Thumboormuzhi aerobic compost units have been installed in the premises to treat an estimated 100-150 kgs of Elephant dung produced every day.  The biofertilizer produced at these units will be distributed among the local farmers to promote organic farming. 

A Biogas plant with two floating domes, having a capacity to manage biowaste of about 100 kgs per day has also been set up.  The plant will have the capacity of producing 4 kgs of biogas per day.  This will be used to cook Elephant food.

The total cost of the project is Rs. 19 lakhs – Rs. 15 lakhs taken from the Plan Fund of the Koovappadi Block Panchayat and Rs. 4 lakhs from the Suchitwa Mission under the GOBAR-Dhan Scheme.

The waste disposal system will address the long-standing need for management of waste generated in the park that is home to six Elephants, 300 deer and many other animals.


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