Ministers should work on “Innovative Ideas”

Ministers should work on Innovative Ideas

Ministers should conduct departmental review every Monday, Cabinet will be held on Tuesday
All three agricultural laws are in the interest of farmers
Chief Minister Chouhan addresses Cabinet meeting

Bhopal, Dec 8

“The ministers should work on “innovative ideas” for the development of the state, welfare of the people and making Madhya Pradesh self-reliant. Every department should come up with some innovative ideas and implement them under the leadership of ministers,” Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The Chief Minister further informed that work is going on in Madhya Pradesh on the “Buffer mein Safar”, “Global Skill Park” and “Gas Tragedy Memorial” on the lines of Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial.

The ministers should review progress of the departments in departmental meetings every Monday. Cabinet meeting will be held every Tuesday, said CM Chouhan.

Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the Cabinet meeting through video conferencing at Mantralaya today.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the three agricultural laws implemented by the Central government are in the interest of farmers, farmers of Madhya Pradesh understand this very well and there is total peace in Madhya Pradesh. Some people are trying to spread chaos but their efforts will not succeed.

Gwalior and Orchha selected under Global Recommendation Scheme of UNESCO

Chief Minister Chouhan said that it is a matter of pride for the state that the cities of Gwalior and Orchha here have been selected under UNESCO’s Global Recommendation Scheme. The archaeological heritage here is considered to be of international importance. Earlier in India, only two cities Varanasi and Ajmer Pushkar were identified under this programme. Now we have to preserve and develop these two cities from the point of view of historical and archaeological heritage.

Ministers should take special care of three things

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the ministers should take special care of three things. Roadmap is ready to make Madhya Pradesh self-reliant, work has started on it, every minister should ensure that it is implemented speedily and is constantly monitored. Corona has resulted in financial crisis in the state, so all departments must pay special attention to the arrangement of “out of budget” amount for all construction works. Ministers must make efforts to ensure that Madhya Pradesh gets maximum amount in various schemes of the Centre. For this, they must stay in constant touch of the Central government and also go to Delhi when and as required.

Catch, Confiscate and send to jail

Chief Minister Chouhan said that an effective campaign is being carried out against various types of mafia in the state. We have to free Madhya Pradesh totally of crime. So criminal elements must be caught, illegal material must be confiscated and they should be sent to jail.

Ensure uninterrupted procurement of paddy and supply of fertilizer

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the work of paddy procurement on support price and supply of urea to farmers as per their requirement in the state should be uninterrupted.

Speaker and Mayor will now be elected through direct system

It was decided in the Cabinet that the Speaker and Mayor will now be elected through a direct system. The ordinance for this has come, now the bill will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly. The wards will also be fixed accordingly. Chief Minister Chouhan said that now voters will be able to cast their votes directly for the Speaker and Mayor.

Survey project for rural areas approved

The Cabinet granted approval to the Survey Project of rural areas. Chief Minister Chouhan said that this will help update the revenue records of all the villages.

Approval for land acquisition to Bhopal and Indore metro rail project

Cabinet has granted approval for land acquisition to Bhopal Indore Metro Rail Project. After Bhopal and Indore metro areas were declared metropolitan areas, now the land for it will be acquired under “Metro Act 1978”. Chief Minister Chouhan said that this will ensure better compensation to land holders. At the same time, those who put kiosks etc. on the land will also get compensation. This will enable full justice to the poor.

Other decisions

The Cabinet granted approval to the revised amount for construction works of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and Shivpuri Medical College. Proposals for exemption of minimum fee prescribed to beer bars, opening of user free toll plazas on some roads to Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation were also approved. Global Skill Park will be developed on priority. The schemes made for the development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will be implemented in a better way.


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