Home National Considering Farmers protest, Extend cutoff date for Admission in Punjab: – PUCA

Considering Farmers protest, Extend cutoff date for Admission in Punjab: – PUCA


Raipur December 8

AICTE has not extended the cutoff date for admission in Punjab due to which all major admission portals of IKG-PTU Kapurthala; MRS-PTU, Bathinda; PSBTE, Chandigarh etc has been closed. The youth of Punjab will be adversely affected because thousands of aspirants are joining farmers protest & may secure admission later on.

PUCA urge to Extend Date

Federation of Self Financing Technical Institution of India (FSFTI) & Punjab Unaided Colleges Association (PUCA) have urged the Government to implement the AICTE recent notification including Punjab & other states.

AICTE notified Extension for only those where Admission Counseling is Pending

It is to mention that as per AICTE notification issued on 3rd Dec, 2020 last date of admission to Engineering Courses (Diploma & Diploma Lateral entry) has been extended up to 31st Dec, 2020 in some state where admission & counseling has not been started due to Covid 19 but Punjab has not got relief in this notification & admission in Punjab has been closed on 5Th December.

Protest Marred Admissions in Country

Dr. Anshu Kataria, President, FSFTI & PUCA said that youth along with farmers from states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh are on protest since 2 months in their respective states & now protesting at Delhi Border & are to continue with their agitation “Delhi Chalo”. This also has affected railways specifically in the north region.

Covid also Affected Admissions

Shri KVK Rao, General Secretary, FSFTI said that in Tamil Nadu also COVID-19 has already impacted the strength of students applications as many students have not applied or taken admission in colleges. Due to the second spell of corona more positive cases are emerging now & the majority of people are still vulnerable. Due to this pandemic, admissions in 2020 are worse affected.

Why relief for Specific States?

Mr. RS Munirathanam, Chief Patron, FSFTI said as students can seek admission in any state across the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari then why some specific states are given relaxation to extend date of admission?

Results Pending in many States

Sh. VK Verma from Madhya Pradesh said that the How students will take admission in next classes as some undergraduate results are still pending? He also stressed that in Madhya Pradesh, the impact of corona is more in urban areas as compared to rural & aspiring students are hesitating to come out from their villages. They are hopeful that the government will find some solution to cope up with this pandemic.



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