Mount Everest grows up by another meter, now stands at 8848.86 meters or 29,031.69 feet


Mount Everest, world’s highest elevation land point, has grown even higher. The latest measurement of the mountain taken by Nepal and China has measured the peak to be standing at 8848.86 meters, or 29,031.69 feet, which is about a meter or 3 feet higher than measurement survey conducted by India in the 1950s.

Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet and it straddles between the two nations. So both Nepal and China collaborated in the survey and made the official announcement together on Tuesday. After a comprehensive measurement process with two trips to the peak, an announcement was made on the National Television of Nepal, which spent around $1.3 million in the process. Measurement of Everest’s exact height is a dynamic process as the Indian sub-continental tectonic plate still pushing into the Asian continent. As a result of this tectonic plates, mount Everest grows a tad bit higher every year.

The Surveyor used two methods to measure the summit with first based on an old yet effective Trigonometry while the second method is a little complex mix of satellite navigation and sea-level model. The surveyors also used ground-penetrating radar, gravimeter which measures the gravity force.

Nepal had collaborated with China on the survey of Mount Everest. Surveyors from both nations come to an agreement on the exact height of the Everest.


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