Keshkal locals rise against transfer of their favourite DFO.

Keshkal locals protesting against the transfer of DFO Ganveer Dhammshil

Locals of forested region of Keshkal in Chhattisgarh have stood up in protest against the transfer of Keshkal Forest Division’s Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Ganveer Dhammshil, who they think has done and is doing a lot for the progress and him leaving the post would disrupt all the developmental activities in the region.

The ranks and files of Forest Department were once again jolted with disruption by transfer order for 25 Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers, most of them DFOs on December 8, 2020. While there was nothing special about these transfers, which are a routine business in every government department, there was, however, an unforeseen reaction in Keshkal.

DFO Ganveer rose to the popularity amongst the local people of Keshkal with his hard work and commitment towards the progress of not just the local people but also developing the region’s eco-tourism infrastructure.

Keshkal residents have launched “Keshkal Ki Pragati Bachao” (Save the progress of Keshkal) campaign. The counted many achievements of DFO Dhammshil, one of them is a construction of Vermicompost store construction at Gobindpur, Dolapara. People also credited DFO with the construction of 277 gobar gas plant at Govindpur and Banskod of Bade Rajpur, Sidawand, Kohkameta and Gaurgaon of Keshkal, and Mohpal & Chheribeda of Farasgaon. The project is aimed at replacing the need for firewood with Gobar gas. It will save the forests. He also planted fruit-bearing trees at Sidawand, Pradhancherra, Garawandi and Dohlapr of Keshkal and Badedonger and Torand of Badedonger. This is to ensure the villagers keep on earning money even after the traditional paddy farming season is over.
DFO Dhammshil also procured computers for schools at Govindpur and Banskod of Baderajpur, Sidawand and Kohkameta Gaurgaon of Keshkal, Mohpal and Chheribeda of Farasgaon and Fundahar of Badedonger to introduce modern elements in the education of tribal kids.

Keshkal locals have written a letter to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, recounting all the above-mentioned achievements, saying how important such people are for proper implementation of Government’s welfare scheme for people.

DFO also distributed 4122 Forest Rights Certificates and 838 other certificates to beneficiaries. His transfer may also affect the Joint Forest Management Committees and women self-help groups of Farasgaon, Badedonger, Keshkal and Bade Rajpur.

The sudden transfer of a good performing DFO has also thrown a cast aspersion on the state government. People think some local public representatives, who are not happy with DFO getting all the public goodwill or clogging their under the table income, may have spread unfounded rumours about the DFO. Keshkal locals want DFO Ganveer Dhammshil to stay for at least two more years or they will have no option but to stage protests.


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