Keshkal locals threatened to block NH-30 and DFO Office, Keshkal MLA Santram Markam writes to CM Baghel to cancel transfer of DFO Ganveer Dhammshil.

Keshkal locals taking out rally to MLA's residence.

Keshkal has been embroiled in politics of transfer as local MLA Santram Netam wrote to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel to request for cancelling the transfer of Keshkal Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Ganveer Dhammshil after the locals mounted pressure on MLA by taking out a rally to his residence and warned of blocking the NH-20 and not allowing any new officer to assume charge at DFO office.

The transfer of the DFO and the subsequent demonstrations have laid bare the frequent and mass scale transfers going on in Forest Department. The transfers have badly affected the morale of hard-working and honest officers like Keshkal DFO.

DFO Dhammshil has brought about positive changes in the forested villages of Keshkal by developing the eco-tourism and effective implementation of several government schemes. He converted the hunters into wildlife conservationists with the creation of a symbiotic relationship between people and wildlife, where both are beneficial to each other. DFO brought the naturally beautiful highlands, forests, cascades and wild animals into the limelight.

Forest Department has seen transfers at industrial scale with over 210 Indian Forest Service officers reshuffled here and there within 16 months. Most officers hardly get a chance to spend six months at the post before they are shuttled to some new place. It results in low morale and less will to work.

Keshkal MLA Santram is in the eye of the storm with his note sheet written for transfer of DFO earlier, but now he has written another note sheet to CM, requesting for cancelling the transfer of DFO Dhammshil after the people threatened to Gherao the DFO office and block the NH-30.


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