The new software is being introduced at Sub-Registry office of Dhamtari on Tuesday as pilot project


Raipur, Dec 14

Department of Registry, Chhattisgarh government, has decided to replace BOT system in the registration of documents in the registry offices with NGDRS (National Generic Document Registration) Software. The software has been developed by NIC Pune. All information regarding current status of registration of documents can be seen on the website The new software is being introduced in the Sub-Registry office of Dhamtari as pilot Project on Tuesday. With it, Chhattisgarh has become the 11th state of the country to adopt the new system. NIC Chhattisgarh will operate the new software with the support of NGDRS team. The Bhuiya software of Chhattisgarh has also been integrated with the new software for the verification of rights and ownership of property. A training programme will be held for the officials and employees concerned at NRDA, Housing Board, Raipur Development Authority and other government agencies.

The new software will make the process of registration easier than the existing system of registration, said Inspector General, Registration, Dharmesh Sahu.

The NGDRS is a system for land record maintenance and registration developed by the Department of Land Resources of Government of India and National Informatics Centre. The system will enable the Union Government to maintain a uniform land record registration system across the country. The Centre had directed all the States to implement this system by the end of March this year.

The NGDRS would help property buyers know the circle rate for land across the country and will also help them understand type of land and such land which cannot be sold like government land, tribal land, mortgaged land and others.

Any person can visit the NGDRS website of a respective state and get to know about the land rates and types. This will make it easier for investors to know where they can easily get land.

Also, once the system is implemented, the property buyers will not have to visit the registration office several times to get their property registered.  The entire process, right from applying for registry to paying stamp duty and court fee will be made online. People will get an appointment date on which they will have to appear at the registrar’s office, only for the final signing of documents and registration.

While the NGDRS system only enables online registration and maintenance of land records, the State department is also working on uploading the old land record details.


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