Hunger of doing something big pushes homemaker to form company

homemaker forms company

Team TNC, Dec 15

Born and raised in a small town of Bihar, her dreams were never small though. Encouraged by her father, she along with her sister moved to different cities for studies and was constantly away from their parents.

Always a brave and sensible child, she did something no other girl in her traditional family could do, she obtained a degree of Company Secretary. Not only did she shut the mouth of the trolls in her orthodox family, she did bring a great sense of pride and happiness in the eyes of her father.  

“My father never let me feel unwanted, being the second consecutive girl child in the family, always supported me and always loved his children equally without any bias, and making him proud by getting a Company Secretary degree is the best gift I could give to him,” said Priyanka Lachhiramka.

After marrying a Chartered Accountant, Priyanka shifted to Noida and the Odyssey continued.Blessed with an angel soon afterwards, Priyanka single-handedly started managing house and kid along with chalking out concrete plans for achieving something big.

She rose to her challenges and founded a Company named “Memory Weavers” wherein she alone manages the designing, procurement of materials and making of the products and making it available to the desired customers.Belonging from a traditional Marwari family most people in their lives have not been supportive of this arrangement, still she wants to continue and achieve completely on her own merit. That’s something very extraordinary about her. She does have a sense of chivalry and was brought up that way. There is an exciting movement of millennial women who are choosing to stay home with their kids and run the household along with handling the budding and growing “Memory Weavers”.

You are the real unsung leader and can show the real path to the homemakers of this country about time management and work management. We salute you. 


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