State Information Commission serves show-cause notice to IFS Officer SSD Badgaiya, ask why not take disciplinary action against him and impose Rs 25000 penalty on IFS Amitabh Bajpai


Chhattisgarh State Information Commission has served a show-cause notice to Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer SSD Badgaiya for refusing to give a copy of Dhamtari DFO’s reply regarding action taken on a private zoo at one home of Dhamtari’s Nagari area sought under RTI Act.

The Information Commission has also given notice for imposing Rs 25000 penalty on the then DFO Dhamtari Amitabh Bajpai and issued a show-cause notice against him while recommending disciplinary action against him.  

Through the show cause notice, the Information Commission has asked IFS Officer SSD Badgaiya why not he be subjected to disciplinary action under Right to Information (RTI) Act.  Raipur-based environment enthusiast Nitin Singhvi had sought information regarding the action on the private zoo of Nagari. As the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) refused to give information, citing the case was pending in a court, Singhvi filed the first appeal and sought the copy of Dhamtari DFO’s reply, citing Supreme Court’s judgment and Chhattisgarh Government’s decision, but IFS Officer Badgaiya had refused to give the copy and dismissed the appeal.

In his order, State Information Commissioner AK Agrawal remarked that First Appellate Officer SS Badgaiya, CCF Raipur, hadn’t passed a speaking order and didn’t give the reply of Public Information Officer to the appellant, because of which he couldn’t present his arguments in his favour and didn’t dispose of the first appeal application on its merits and demerits.

Citing the Section 8 (1) (J) of the Act, he dismissed the appeal whereas Section 8 (1) (J) has provision to prevent giving information which is personal and whose revelation doesn’t concern to anyone’s activity or interest or which trespass on a person’s privacy. Appellant hasn’t wanted anyone’s personal information. Hence, why not disciplinary actions be taken against IFS Officer SSD Badgaiya according to the order of the Chhattisgarh Government. SSD Badgaiya has been directed to ensure his attendance with the Information Commission in the next hearing scheduled on January 8, 2021.

It’s important to recall here that Keshkal MLA cum Bastar Development Authority Vice Chairman Santram Netam had recommended removing SSD Badgaiya from Kanker due to pending case of compulsory retirement in previous cases him and due to Badgaiya not taking interest in the work.


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