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Special attention must be paid to the implementation of job-oriented and public welfare schemes for the urban poor: Chouhan

public welfare schemes for urban poor

Bhopal, Dec 18

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that employment-oriented schemes, public welfare and housing schemes should be implemented within the time-limit for the urban poor. Urban bodies should give priority to cleanliness and infrastructure development works. The civic amenities provided by the urban bodies should be made easily available to the people. The action plan of the department under Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh, should be implemented within the time-limit.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that maximum street vendors should get working capital. This scheme should be implemented in a comprehensive form.

Chief Minister Chouhan was reviewing the Urban Development and Housing Department. Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh, Minister of State for Urban Development and Housing OPS Bhadoria, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains, Principal Secretary Urban Development and Housing Department Nitesh Vyas and Principal Secretary Finance Manoj Govil and other officers were present.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that good work has been done in Madhya Pradesh in providing benefits to street vendors. Efforts must be made to ensure that Madhya Pradesh gets the first place in the country in this scheme.

Principal Secretary Urban Bodies stated that the department has made 33 points and five strategies in the road map of Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. Target has been set to provide loans for working capital to five lakh street vendors under the first strategy of Inclusive Urban Development which will be achieved by December 2023. At present, one lakh 80 thousand street vendors have been benefited in the state. The target of benefiting one lakh street vendors will be achieved soon.

Deendayal Rasoi Yojana

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Deendayal Rasoi Yojana should be implemented again in a better way. This has been an ambitious scheme of the state government. In the first phase, 52 Deendayal Rasois should be started in all the districts in this manner in the month of January. For this, the cooperation of the public should be sought apart from government assistance. In the second phase, 40 Deendayal Rasois should be started. In this way, a target should be made to run a total of 100 Deendayal Rasois.

Night shelter

Chief Minister Chouhan said that night shelters should be renovated. Essential facilities should be ensured and special attention should be given to cleanliness. It was informed that the old 118 night shelters will be renovated.

Expansion of employment oriented schemes

Chief Minister Chouhan said that employment is included among government’s priorities. Therefore, special attention should be paid to establishing employment along with training in employment oriented schemes. It was told in the meeting that Day-NULM scheme has been expanded in all 378 cities of the state. The target is to connect one lakh 50 thousand poor families with self-help groups. So far 21 thousand 750 families have been included.

Incubation Centre

It was informed that Startup Incubation Centre is being developed in seven cities of the state. A skill development programme is scheduled for one lakh unemployed youth. This Centre has been established in Bhopal and Jabalpur. The Centre will be established in Indore by March. There is a plan for skill development of 30 thousand youth by March 2021.

Housing for the urban poor

A target of supplying three lakh residential units to people of low income group in 378 cities has been set under the roadmap of Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. At present, 28 thousand units have been completed.

Employment for 30 thousand low-income beneficiaries

A loan of Rs 6 lakh will be made available to 30 thousand beneficiaries of low income group at 3-4 percent rate of interest.

Development for environmental protection

Goal has been set to make the sewerage system functional in 49 cities. These cities have a population of more than one lakh and are mostly situated on the banks of river Narmada. Similarly, in sanitation, 350 out of all 378 cities have achieved ODF Plus status. A mission has been made to achieve water plus status for Indore city.

e-vehicle charging station

A target has been set to operate e-vehicle charging stations and phased e-buses for public transport in cities with more than 10 lakh population.

Legal reforms for urban good governance

Chief Minister Chouhan said that necessary reforms should be made in the Acts-Rules and Laws for good governance. This work should also be completed on priority. It was told that up to 43 percent of the revenue is received from the own sources in the revenue of urban bodies which will be hiked to 60 percent.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that people have problems in getting permission to construct the building. A transparent process should be developed to ensure that citizens get permission for building construction easily while adhering to norms.

Information regarding making all civil services available online, granting approvals etc. was given in the meeting. In a review of Swachh Bharat Mission, Chief Minister Chouhan gave instructions that Madhya Pradesh should get number one position in the country in this work. Urban bodies should be motivated to pay special attention on cleanliness. Urban Development Minister Bhupendra Singh informed that ranking will be decided every three months for evaluation of work on Swachhata Mission.

Water supply schemes

While 365 water supply schemes have been sanctioned for all 378 urban bodies, 234 schemes have been completed. Approval has been given to 52 projects in 49 bodies under sewerage schemes.

Smart City Mission

As many as 216 out of 468 projects have been completed under Smart City Mission on which Rs 2512 crores have been spent. Madhya Pradesh has bagged the second in the country in the ranking of Smart City Mission. Chief Minister Chouhan gave strict instructions to take action against the officials of the cities where work undertaken in this mission is not satisfactory.

Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme Urban

Chief Minister Chouhan said that this is an ambitious scheme of the government. Efforts should be made at the central government level to get installment amount of houses whose installments are pending and all houses under construction should be completed soon. It was told that five lakh 82 thousand 625 houses have been approved under B.L.C. category, out of which 2 lakh 4 thousand 493 houses have been completed. As many as 7 lakh 99 thousand houses have been approved under the Pradhan Mantri Awas (Urban) including A.H.P and C.L.M.M category.

Points including master plan, revenue collection etc. were also reviewed in the meeting.

Incomplete EWS houses must be completed

Chief Minister Chouhan issued instructions to ensure completion of incomplete EWS houses being constructed for the poor section in urban areas. These houses are priced at Rs 7.5 lakh per unit. Beneficiaries in slums have to pay only Rs two lakh.

Rs 536 crore scheme for urban infrastructure development

Work is being done for infrastructure development in urban bodies of the state, on a Rs 536 crore scheme, which will be completed by 2024. Under this, work is being done in all 378 urban bodies.

Surcharge rebate till December 31

There is rebate in surcharge in the pending dues of property tax, water tax, etc. till December 31 in all the urban bodies of the state.

GIS based Master plans will be made

GIS based master plans of urban bodies of the state will be prepared. The GIS based master plan of Bhopal is ready. Currently master plans of 88 urban bodies have been prepared, now all will be made GIS based.

Regularization of illegal colonies

Chief Minister Chouhan said that necessary amendments will be made in the Acts and Rules for regularization of illegal colonies in the state.



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