Home Minister Amit Shah ripped through Mamta Banerjee, says there exist no Maa, Mati aur Manush, but only a family

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Home Minister Amit Shah ripped through the Trinamool Congress (TMC) on the last day of his two-day journey of West Bengal. Shah said, the “Maa, Mati aur Manush” no more exist and the party is about a family today.

In a press conference, Shah said Mamta Banerjee started TMC with the slogan of Maa, Mati aur Manush, but it doesn’t exist anymore and all that is left is appeasement, dictatorship and nepotism. Mamta Banerjee is more concerned about putting her nephew Abhishek Banerjee on Chief Minister’s post instead of showing concern about the 10 crore people of Bengal.

He also attacked Mamta Banerjee on recalling of IPS officers, saying the Centre has every right to recall the IPS officers, who failed in executing their duty to provide security cover to JP Nadda’s convoy, which came under attack by TMC workers recently.

TMC set three dangerous precedents i.e. complete politicization of administration, criminalization of politics and institutionalization of corruption. He also retorted the Mamta Banerjee’s outsider comment, saying if BJP is voted to the majority, son of the soil will become the Chief Minister’s post in WB. He questioned Mamta did she also call Indira Gandhi an outsider when she was in Congress? Or Did she call Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao an outsider when she was a Minister in his Government? Is she trying to create a separate nation in WB where people from other Indian states aren’t allowed?

He also slammed Mamta Government for depriving the Bengal’s farmers of Central money by not giving the list. Central Government transferred Rs 6000 annually to farmers across the nation, but the WB farmers couldn’t receive it as WB Government didn’t provide or verify the list. Is it the way to honour the federal structure, Shah asked? He also lambasted RMC for depriving the West Bengal people of Ayushman Bharat Yojana, which gives Rs 5 lakh cover to every poor person in the nation.


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