New trees planted on private land may be cut without permission

New trees planted on private land

Plantation of all species of trees on private lands will be allowed
CM Chouhan holds meeting on proposed Plantation Promotion Act 2020

Bhopal, Dec 21

Farmers and others will be allowed to cut new trees planted on their fields / private lands without permission and they will be able to plant trees of all species in their land under the proposed Plantation Promotion Act 2020, said Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Except in some cases, T.P. exemption will be given for the transportation of wood obtained from trees, added CM Chouhan.

Chief Minister Chouhan was holding a meeting regarding the provisions of the proposed Plantation Promotion Act 2020 in Mantralaya today. Forest Minister Vijay Shah, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains, Principal Secretary Ashok Varnwal etc. were present in the meeting.

Currently there are 7 laws for granting permission to felling of trees

Chief Minister Chouhan said that at present, there are 07 laws to obtain permission for felling of trees, due to which farmers etc. face a lot of difficulty in seeking permission for felling of trees. The permission to cut trees is granted by the Tehsildar on the recommendation of the Forest Department, while the T.P. of Timber is given by the Forest Department.

Wood production to promote self-employment

Chief Minister Chouhan said that planting trees in the fields for production of wood, cutting trees and transport for wood production will benefit farmers and promote self-employment. Wood industry will get a boost. Increasing wood production will also reduce the pressure of wood theft on forests.

Important Provisions of Proposed Plantation Act 2020

Freedom to plant all species for plantation on private lands.

Permission to cut trees however old.

Freedom to set own stack in his farm / village from where he can sell wood etc.

Exemption has been given on the transportation of timber from the farm to stack.

Conditional facility to set up a timber processing unit at stack.

Exemption on cutting and transporting specified forest produce up to the stack.

Exemption on sale of specified forest produce through the official e-portal from the field or stack itself, accepting bid and taking direct payment.

TP exemption for transportation of wood obtained from trees except some cases.

All types of transport permits will be received electronically by farmers.


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