Mathematics Day celebrated at IIIT-NR


International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR) on Tuesday unveiled the statue of Srinivasa Ramanujan on his 133rd birth anniversary, December 22, 2020, at the premises of Ramanujan Hostel, IIIT NR in presence of the faculty and administrative staff. The birth anniversary of Ramanujan, who is often referred as the man who knew infinity, is observed as National Mathematics Day in the country.
The Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM), IIIT-NR celebrated National Mathematics Day by hosting a talk session. The event commenced remembering the mathematical prodigy and welcoming the invited speaker. Dr P K Sinha, Vice Chancellor and Director, IIIT-NR, while giving his welcome address emphasized on the importance of celebrating the achievements by Indian Scientists while stressing on the indelible work of SrinivasaRamanujan in the field of Mathematics.
A talk on “Algorithms in Indian Mathematics”, was delivered by Professor M S Sriram, President of the Professor K V Sharma Research Foundation, Chennai and the President of the Indian Society for History of Mathematics. While addressing the participants, Professor Sriram emphasized the ingenious geometrical constructions based on the Baudhayana theorem (what is now known as the Pythagoras theorem), and the work done by Aryabhata and Narayana Pandita. All these works are part of the ancient ?ulbas?tras to the medieval texts of the Kerala school of Mathematics and Astronomy.
Around 100 participants marked their presence in the celebration. Dr R Mahapatra (Dean Academics), Dr P P Paltani (Dear R&D), Dr M Ojha (Warden-Ramanujan House), Kailash Agarwal (AFO) were instrumental in organizing the event. The members of CAM, Dr M K Chaube, Dr R Bandi, and Dr K S Patel, coordinated the event.


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