Chhattisgarh: Farmer attempted suicide after procurement centre denied him tokens to sell paddy, praised Narendra Modi for the new farm laws.

A policeman trying to persuade the agitated farmer.

A Chhattisgarh farmer attempted suicide at Raipur Press Club after the paddy procurement centre denied him the tokens to sell his paddy and he couldn’t sell it into the market as Chhattisgarh Government hasn’t yet implemented the new farm laws on Thursday. The farmer was denied token on the grounds that he couldn’t produce no-objection certificate.

Sources told that before consuming pesticide, farmer Subhash Sarkar also blamed Chhattisgarh Government for not implementing new farm laws which could have enabled him to sell his paddy directly into the open market and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It’s important to mention here that Subhash Sarkar is also a Congress leader.

Farmer Subhash Sarkar does farming on leased land in Simga of Chhattisgarh. So, he was required to produce a NOC to obtain tokens from the paddy procurement centre. But, the landowner, which issued NOC, died sometimes ago and the procedure of land transfer on the name of his son was not yet completed. So, Sarkar couldn’t get the NOC.

In a bid to draw the attention of state government, Subhash Sarkar held a press conference at the Press Club, but apparently, the state government didn’t pay any heed to his grievances.

Sarkar reached Raipur Press Club and consumed pesticide. Police took him to the medical college hospital. Doctors said Sarkar was in stable condition.


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