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Delhi: Muslim man forced Hindu girl to convert after luring her in a relationship in disguise of a Hindu.


A case of Love Jihad reported from Sarita Vihar Police Station, Delhi, where a 20-year-old Hindu woman lodged a complaint with the police against her 20-year-old Muslim tenant for cheating her by disguising as a Hindu.

In her complaint, she has alleged that accused Sahib Ali coerced her into physical relationship and marriage. She wasn’t just physically assaulted by Sahib Ali, but his father also sexually assaulted her.

She further said Sahib Ali in the disguise of a Hindu came to live in her house as a tenant in November 2019. Ali used a fake name Rahul to befriend her. Ali also ensnared her into the physical relationship on the promise of marriage. As his real identity was revealed, Ali promised her that he wouldn’t force her to convert or stop her from following Hindu customs. But, as she got married, she started facing physical assault at the hands of Sahib Ali. She was also forced into the physical relationship.  

Victim girl said in her statement that, initially Rahul denied having any family. However, a few days later, Ali took her to a relative’s place. It was then revealed that Rahul was in fact Sahib Ali, a Muslim. After a small persuasion from Ali, she married him at Kalka temple.

The liberal promises about allowing her to follow the Hindu customs and tradition fell apart soon after the marriage as Ali started coercing her to convert and forced relationship. His father Hazisunnala also sexually assaulted her, she accused.

An FIR had been registered based on her complaint at Sarita Vihar Police Station, but no arrest was made.



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