Money from Delhi reaches the poor man’s account directly

Shivraj Singh Chouhan addressed farmers

Atal ji made good governance a part of life – PM Narendra Modi
PM Modi transfers a total of Rs 18 thousand crores of Samman Nidhi to 9 crore farmers
CM Chouhan addresses farmers from Babai in Hoshangabad

Bhopal, Dec 25

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has said that today the money which comes from Delhi reaches the farmers’ accounts directly. What would be better governance than this? Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee made good governance a part of his life and good governance is being implemented in the country today in accordance with his concept. “I offer my humble prayers the most benevolent and great patriot Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya and former Prime Minister of the nation, late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today transferred the total amount of Rs 18 thousand crores of Kisan Samman Nidhi to the accounts of 9 crore farmers of the country through a single click. Under this, 78 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh have been benefited. Prime Minister Modi virtually addressed the farmers of the country.

Addressing farmers from Babai in Hoshangabad district, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, said that good governance is being implemented in the state as per the vision of former Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Ji. There will be rule of law in the state, not of goons and miscreants. Defining good governance, Chouhan said that “good governance means ensuring that the benefits of government services reach the public with a fixed time frame without any give and take.”

Agricultural laws made after deep study

Prime Minister Modi said that the agricultural laws have been implemented after thorough study in view of the problems and interests of the farmers. Earlier small farmers used to have trouble selling their crops. In the new law, they have been given several options through which they can sell their crops at a good price.

MSP fixed at one and a half times of the cost

Prime Minister Modi said that our government has fixed MSP at one and a half times the cost of the crop of farmers and more crops were brought under its purview.

Agriculture will have to be modernized in the 21st century

Prime Minister Modi said that agriculture would have to be modernized in the 21st century to increase the income of farmers from agriculture. These three agriculture reform laws are steps taken in this direction. The government will provide storage facilities to farmers near the village and the cold store chain will be expanded.

Now no one can cheat farmers

Prime Minister Modi said that under the new Agriculture Contract Act, now the trader / contractor is legally bound to give fixed price of the crop to the farmer. Now no one can cheat a farmer. The contractee will also assist the farmer in producing quality crops under the contract. Even if the crop of the farmer gets destroyed, the contractor will have to pay fixed price of the crop to the farmer. The farmer can terminate the contract whenever he wants, but not the trader.

We are ready to discuss every issue with farmers

Prime Minister Modi said that we are prepared to let the farmer laws be tested on every criterion. We will not let the trust of the farmers be affected at all. We are ready to discuss every issue with the farmers. Agricultural laws will be beneficial for farmers under all circumstances.

Now do not take money on interest more than anyone

During an interaction with farmer beneficiaries of various government schemes of different parts of the country, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said that the government provides loans at a lower rate of interest than the Kisan Credit Card, now they should not take loans at any higher interest from anyone. Farmers told that they have acquired benefits of Kisan Samman Nidhi, Kisan Credit Card, support price purchase, crop insurance scheme, irrigation schemes etc.

Benefits from new agricultural laws

Manoj Patidar, farmer from Dhar in Madhya Pradesh, told the Prime Minister that he is benefiting from the new farmer laws. Now he can sell his crops anywhere apart from mandis. He sold soyabean at Rs 4100 a quintal to ITC company and reaped benefits.

Huge memorial to be built in Gwalior in Atalji’s memory

Chief Minister Chouhan started his address by bowing respectfully at the feet of Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He announced that a huge memorial will be built in memory of late Atal ji, in Gwalior in which his personality, activities and life’s philosophy will be outlined.

Simple proforma being made for the crop purchase contract

Chief Minister Chouhan said that all the three agriculture laws are beneficial for farmers. Now the farmer can sell his crops in the mandi or anywhere outside mandi. Mandi duty has been reduced to 50 paise in the state. The Madhya Pradesh government is making a simple proforma for contracting crop purchase from farmers, so that farmers have no problem with the contract and no one can create any trouble for them.

Training camps will be organized in development blocks to understand agriculture laws

Chief Minister Chouhan said that training camps will be organized in all the development blocks of the state to remove misconceptions regarding farmers’ laws. All the misconceptions of the farmers will be removed.

Rs 82,422 crore amount transferred to farmers’ accounts

Chief Minister Chouhan said that this government has transferred an amount of Rs 82422 crore of various schemes and purchase on support price. Rs 8 thousand 646 crores have been provided to farmers for crop insurance. In addition to Rs 6 thousand provided by the Centre to farmers every year, the state government is providing an additional amount of Rs. 4 thousand each.

Mobile app to facilitate farmers

Chief Minister Chouhan said that now a mobile app is being made to provide services to farmers through which crop sowing, name transfer, diversion, demarcation etc. facilities will be made available. Now that the Zarib era is over, demarcation will be made possible through a device. Direct application for non-disputed name transfer can be made online. Patwari will be present mandatorily on Monday and Thursday on Patwari halka.

Certificate of caste, income etc. will be available on mobile

Chief Minister Chouhan announced that from today the CM helpline will work for the delivery of services along with redressal of complaints. By dialing CM helpline number 181 and stating your Aadhaar number, facilities like income certificate, caste certificate etc. will be available.

Government is dedicated to the poor and farmers

MP V.D. Sharma said that the government is dedicated to the poor and farmers. Today the son of the poor is the Prime Minister of the country and the Chief Minister of the state. They know the pain of the poor. They are constantly working to raise the standard of living of the poor. Today, the amount of Kisan Samman Nidhi is reaching the accounts of crores of farmers.

Today the entire amount will reaches the accounts of the people

V.D. Sharma said that earlier when a rupee was granted from the Centre, very little amount would reach the public accounts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given good governance to the country by realizing the dream of good governance of Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Jan Dhan accounts of the poor were opened. Today the entire amount of the schemes comes in the accounts of the poor.

Programme started with Kanya Pujan

Chief Minister Chouhan started the programme with kanya pujan. He washed the feet of five girls, Vanshika, Bhavna, Shaheen, Pari and Namami. Chouhan greeted the farmers present with “Narmade Har” more prevalent in Narmada valley.

Dedication and foundation laying of development works

Chief Minister Chouhan dedicated and laid the foundation stone of construction works in Hoshangabad district. A total of 64 works worth Rs 82 crore were dedicated and foundation of 187 works worth Rs 160 crore were laid. Prominent among these works are of Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Rural Engineering Services, Madhya Pradesh Rural Roads Development Authority, Urban Development Department.

Benefits of schemes distributed to the beneficiaries

Chief Minister Chouhan distributed benefits to women members of five self-help groups in Hoshangabad district. Chief Minister Chouhan said that an amount of Rs 150 crore will be given every year to the women of self-help groups.

Everyone supports farmers’ laws

Farmers and all those present along with the Chief Minister at the programme raised both hands to extend support to the farmers’ laws and congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for implementing the farmers’ laws.

Members of Parliament Uday Pratap Singh, former Speaker Sitasaran Sharma, Sartaj Singh, MLAs Vijay Pal Singh, Madhav Agarwal, Shiv Choubey and other public representatives were present on the occasion.


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