Blogs in Chhattisgarhi language added to ‘Humare Nayak’ column


Under the eighth phase of ‘Humare Nayak’ (Our Hero) of Chhattisgarh government’s ambitious ‘Padhai Tuhar Duar’, blog writing is being done in Hindi, English as well as other local languages of Chhattisgarh. The Education Department has plans for blog in Sanskrit language along with the local language of Chhattisgarh such as Gondi, Sargujia, Kuruk etc. which will be uploaded in the Humare Nayak column along with Hindi translation. This phase will provide an opportunity to read blogs in different languages across the state.

The blog writing in Chhattisgarhi language has been started from December 24. Both teachers and students uploaded blogs in Chhattisgarhi language. Teacher Sheetal Bais from Bemetara district who has translated more than a dozen stories in Story Weaver’s website and from student cadre students with special needs are Kumari Muskan Sharma of Raipur district. The 20th blog has been written by Lokesh Kumar Verma. The column ‘Humare Nayak’ as added to the Padhai Tuhar Duar under the directives of Principal Secretary, School Education, Dr Alok Shukla. The column is being monitored by Dr M Sudhish, Assistant Director, Samagra Shiksha, Chhattisgarh who has sent best wishes to the blog writer team leader Gautam Sharma and his entire team for their commendable contribution in the successful running of the column.

It is worthwhile to mention, School Education Department of Chhattisgarh government has started Padhai Tuhar Duar to continue the education of students in Covid-19 pandemic. So far, in the last eight months, about 400 Nayaks (heroes) have been placed in the portal.


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