Rakesh Tikait spews venom against Hindus and Brahmins, Twitter trends with#राकेश_टिकैत_को_गिरफ्तार_करो”

Rakesh Tikait addresses farmer protest site

Micro-blogging site Twitter trended with “#राकेश_टिकैत_को_गिरफ्तार_करो” after a video of Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait peddling his anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin agenda at a protest site of farmers.

In video, Tikait could be seen saying, no temple came forward to provide even tea despite our women offering milk from out cattle to the temples, first. He says, they didn’t even organize any Bhandara for us as the Sikhs. Hindu temples should learn from Gurudwaras.  He then went to warn the Brahmi community with threatening words like “Sudhar Jao”, mend your ways. Brahmins can go on pilgrimages but cannot arrange food for them. “Ilaaj Inka Sabka Hoga Inki Sabki List Banegi”, Tikait issued an ominous warning to Brahmin community.

Many on social media demanded arresting of Rakesh Tikait. People questioned his intentions of connecting temple priests to farmer protests. Many cited the State control over Hindu temples and said Government already takes the donations at the temples and control the temple wealth.
Tikait also forgot that Brahmins are generally employees at the temple and not the owner. Rakesh Tikait was a contestant on RLD ticket in 2015 Lok Sabha Election and he got 0.87 per cent vote share.


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