Duleshwari fights odds to survive in Covid-19 pandemic

Duleshwari Sinha overcomes odds with poultry

Fighting all odds, Duleshwari Sinha improved her financial condition by doing poultry farming instead of lamenting Covid-19 pandemic and making excuses. Duleshwari is currently engaged in chicken breeding and earning a good income every month.

It is to be mentioned, COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive economic backlash, snatching jobs of lakhs, pushing people to shift their profession. A large number of people in unorganized sector lost their jobs.

Despite adverse situation, village Thanabedi resident Duleshwari managed to survive with her business and earned good money through it. Earlier, Duleshwari Sinha used to do domestic poultry farming at a very small level but eventually she expanded her business and it did wonders for her. Duleshwari Sinha told that her business was not running well, thus she visited the Livestock Development Department’s office and inquired about the schemes that could help her. There, she was given detailed information under the Backyard Poultry Farming Scheme. After Duleshwari decided to go for it, she was provided 45 chicks of Kadaknath chicken at 75 percent grant and technical information was also given to her regarding their breeding.

Currently, she is selling the chickens at a rate of Rs 500 per kg and is earning an income of Rs 17000 to Rs 18000 easily. Keeping in view of the high demand of Kadaknath chicken, Duleshwari Sinha is willing to buy even more Kadaknath chicks to expand her business. In this way, the economic condition of Duleshwari is improving and getting an inspiration from her, the farmers in the village and nearby area are also showing their interest towards backyard poultry farming.


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