True Warrior: 10-yr-old Jashpur girl
continues her online study in Covid Center

Muskan Naik studying in Covid Centre

“When you do common things in life in an uncommon way, you’ll command the attention of the world.”- George Washington Carver
The year 2020 has been the toughest year of this century, courtesy Covid-19. Each and every creature on this planet had to face certain adversities due to this pandemic. But many brave people have overcome this difficult time like a warrior. One of the little warriors is Muskan Naik.
Muskan is a 10-year-old little girl who studies in class V. It is truly said that ‘sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles’. Since the first lockdown Muskan was regularly attending her online classes organised by her school, Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Jashpur. Muskan is very much close to her parents Satyam Singh Naik and Gomti Naik. She spends a lot of time playing, studying and listening stories from her father. Satyam Singh Nayak is an Assistant Teacher. Currently he is working as cluster coordinator of Khuntitoli cluster of Jashpur district. Unfortunately on December 16, 2020 he was diagnosed corona positive. Due to primary contact Muskan was also found corona positive on December 17.
Muskan has been a sincere student and regularly attending her online class as well as her community classes. Her half yearly exams were going on when she had to be admitted to the Covid Center.
Every little child is afraid of staying alone in a room, even in their own home but this ten years old child had to stay alone in the hospital room. Being encouraged by her father, she decided to go there with her school bag. Muskan says, “Even if I was not well, I didn’t want to lag behind in my studies and in my efforts my teachers and my family helped me a lot.” Along with her fight with severe pandemic, she studied four to five hours daily and submitted her last paper on 21st December 2020. Muskan is completely well now and has been discharged from the hospital.
Muskan deserves a lot of applaud from everyone. She has made her parents, her teachers and whole state proud by showing such an optimistic approach even during her toughest time. This is the reason our education department of Chhattisgarh decided to show her story of bravery and wisdom to everyone by publishing her blog on in Hamare Nayak (Our Hero) Column. Like every other child, Muskan was admitted in school at the age of three. Since then she has proved herself as an efficient student in every field. She always stands first in her class and is awarded every year for being the topper of the class by Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Jashpur.
Undoubtedly, Muskan is an extraordinary child who knows that education is the basic necessity of life. Muskan wants to become a doctor and serve the nation. She is definitely a wonderful example for coming generation and very truly signifies the following lines written by famous Cartoonist Walt Disney,

Muskan Naik with her father Satyam Singh Naik

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Blog writer Devika Sahu has shared this motivational story of Muskan in ‘Humare Nayak’ column.
Satyam Singh Naik, father of Muskan, told this newspaper that his daughter Muskan has been studious since childhood. “Muskan used to study till midnight and she does not wind up until we ask her to do so,” said Naik.
When she got infected by Covid-19, she took her entire study materials to the hospital to continue her study. “Muskan is equally good in cooking. She can make roti, vegetable and tea like a professional. Muskan is celebrating her birthday on January 5 and I would like to wish for her better health as she is in home isolation after her discharge from hospital on December 25,” said Naik.


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