Mobile phones worth about Rs 50 lakh returned to their owners

Police returning cell Phone to an owner

IN what could be termed as benevolent effort, stolen cell phones worth about Rs 50 lakh were returned to the victims under the ‘Arpan – Ek Umeed’ Scheme. These phones were recovered by the Police in different theft, lost or seizure cases.
During a function held at Lakhiram Agrawal Memorial Auditorium, senior officials of the department returned the stolen properties to their real owners who were delighted to get back their materials. They also thanked Police.
According to information received from Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sanjay Dhruv stolen, lost or seized cell phones worth Rs 50 lakhs were returned to about 130 victims during the function held on Saturday evening.
Earlier, police administration following instructions of the Superintendent of Police (SP) Prashant Agrawal, sought permission from different courts in the district to return back the theft, lost or seizure properties to their owners.
Dhruv said that the sleuths visited various cities in the state and found the owners of the cell phones. After verifications, the cell phones were returned to their respective owners.
He said that all the booty was confiscated by different Police stations in the district since last 10-days from 2020. In the next phase, Police will return ornaments, cash and other booties among the victims.

ASP Sanjay Dhruv said that it was a combined effort of the police who identified the properties, traced their owners, verified their ownership and invited them to take away their lost or stolen cell phones during the function.
He said that after recovery the cell phone owners were also being deprived from getting back their property. He said that they also received lot of support from all other district Police stations. He highly appreciated the efforts of the sleuths in this job. Those victims who lost their hope long back were delighted to get back their materials and thanked the Police. It may be noted that in the last few years Bilaspur Police launched a drive against the criminals and anti-social elements. Besides awareness drive against cyber crime Police also launched social media campaign taking every measure to stop the criminals raise their ugly head in society.


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