India Today Editor Preeti Choudhry alleges sexual harassment by some farmers at Singhu Border Protest Site; a Bharatiya Kisan Sabha member Bhupender Choudhary tried to justify the pervy act.


DELHI: Preeti Choudhry, an editor at the India Today, has alleged some protesting farmers of harassing female reporters at the protest site on social media platform. Posting on the twitter, Preeti Choudhry wrote ” a sizeable chunk of depraves are sexually harassing reporters.

She wrote that her own team has enough incidents to report. In response to her post, a member of Bharatiya Kisan Sabha, Bharatiya Jat Mahasabha cum a proud Congressi Bhupender Chaudhary tried to justify the sexual harassment by saying that “action should also be taken against the News hungry reporters who forcefully take bites.”

Preeti said, that “Don’t want to give a bite don’t give it. but refrain from pinching her bottom. Amazing that we choose to hide behind whataboutery” in response to Bhupender Chaudhary’s shameless justification of sexual harassment.


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