CAIT demands ban on WhatsApp and Facebook, says apps pose danger to individual privacy, national security.


Reacting sharply to the new invasive policy change, the Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT) has demanded a ban on popular social media and chat apps like Facebook and Whatsapp.

In a letter to the Minister for IT & Communication Ravi Shankar Prasad, CAIT said, they strongly object the new Whatsapp privacy policy through which all kinds of personal data, payment transactions, contacts, location & other vital information of a person who is using Whatsapp will be acquired by it and can be used for any purpose by Whatsapp. We take this opportunity to draw your kind and immediate attention of this unwarranted policy which will be implemented from next month which will encroach on Right of individuality and privacy of a larger population of the Country and demand Government should immediately restrict Whatsapp from implementing the new policy and impose a ban on Whatsapp and its parent company Facebook. Obtaining vital data by Whatsapp and its parent Company Facebook can pose a serious threat to not only the trade & economy but even to the security of the Country.

It reminds us the days of East India Company who entered India to trade salt only and invaded the country but at this time it is the data which is very crucial to wreck the bone of economy, social structure etc. The Facebook Whatsapp without any charge but new seeking access to data, its ultimate object seems to control trade & economy of India besides other hidden agenda.

Whatsapp is to implement its change Privacy Policy from next month in India, which will force people using Whatsapp to accept the changed terms if they want to avail the usage of Whatsapp or else they will have to delete the Whatsapp from their mobile. The changed policy of Whatsapp in encroachment on the privacy of an individual & runs against the basic fundamentals of the Constitution of India and therefore immediate intervention of the Government is required.


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