Corona vaccination process to begin from January 16 at 302 places in MP

Corona vaccination process to begin

Medical Education Minister Sarang inspects vaccination centre

Bhopal, Jan 12

Medical Education Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang today reviewed the arrangements and process of vaccinations at the Corona Vaccine centre of Hamidia Hospital at Gandhi Medical College. Sarang also gave necessary guidelines to the Dean and Superintendent.

Minister Sarang said that the process of administering Corona vaccine is going to start in the state from January 16. Corona vaccine will be administered at 302 places in the state. Vaccines will be administered to four and a half lakh people in the first phase. Health workers, corona warriors and people above 50 will be vaccinated. The work will be done keeping in mind all the protocols as per prescribed guidelines.

Sarang said that the process of dry run has been completed in the capital on January 2 and in the remaining 51 districts on January 8. The prescribed procedure for developing the cold chain and transporting the vaccine to the end point as per instructions, through storage and transport has been reviewed. The vaccine is expected to be received on Wednesday. Registration will also be done on the central government’s Covin portal. Those who have to be vaccinated will be kept under observation for half an hour. In case of any problem, a team of doctors, beds and ambulance will be available for first aid. He also instructed to display the numbers of doctors on duty on the board.

Minister Sarang said that the vaccine would prove effective in the battle against Corona. Preparation has been made for 100 vaccines to be administered in each centre. The second dose will be administered after 28 days. He said that the vaccine would be effective after 15 days. For the first time adults are going to be vaccinated. Till now, only young kids were vaccinated.


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