Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai organises webinar on Decentralised Economic Model

The panelists expressing their views

The panelists of a Webinar organised by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhilai advised people to adapt a nature compatible lifestyle by redesigning our living habitats. The webinar emphasised on the fact that While 2/3rd of the Indian population is rural and bereft of economic resources, the urban population is yearning for fresh air and clean water, the panelists said. A shift in lifestyles to accommodate the quality of life needs of both constituents can only be achieved through a ‘decentralised economic model’ powered by decentralized technologies’ and their applications would definitely benefit the society. The topic of the webinar was ‘Next Big Disruption through Nature Compatible Lifestyles’ and The Role of “Decentralized Technologies”.

During the webinar the panelists brought in their life experiences on new age technologies from the internet-era where the pace of change is continually accelerating and the world is interconnected like never before. The panel of experts discussed the advantages of modern digital technologies, and the role of future generations in the innovative development of sustainable solutions to lead a healthier, safer, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Professor K C R Raja, an eminent mentor and trained economist, discussed the advantages of modern digital technologies which can help future generations to develop sustainable solutions: to lead a healthier, safer, and fulfilling lifestyle. Tulsi Tawari, an entrepreneur associated with BARC and a champion of rural entrepreneurship, reiterated the importance of rebuilding the human habitat in a nature-compatible way.  Tawari who is an illustrated Alumni of Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago and works closely with technologists in the USA also said that the future scientists and technologists will play a critical role in revolutionising the society.

Kannan, UK based entrepreneur specialising in telecom technologies, and D Balasubramaniam, a business strategist, spoke on decentralised technologies in the telecom and energy space which would accelerate the growth of futuristic enterprises.

The workshop was well attended by students, faculty and academia who were introduced to ways of decentralised technologies. 


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