Uganda bans Twitter, Facebook for meddling in Presidential Election


Uganda Communications Commission has ordered internet service providers to block social media applications and sites like Twitter and Facebook in the country ahead of the election. Twitter and Facebook reportedly blocked several pro-government voices in a bid to meddle in the national elections.

Twitter and Facebook are facing international backlash after they authoritatively banned Donald Trump and his supporters from their platforms just because they don’t subscribe to the companies’ far-left ideology. Responding to the blockage by Uganda Government, Twitter, in the most ironical fashion, posted a tweet condemning Uganda for blocking the social media apps. The incumbent Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni will contest against the popular singer Bobi Wine as a frontrunner candidate in the presidential election.

The Facebook and Twitter were accused of interfering in the Presidential Election after they start removing posts and banning accounts of Ugandan officials.

Amidst the ongoing interference in the elections by the big-techs companies such as Twitter and Facebook, the Ugandan officials had ordered internet service providers to shut down social media and messaging applications on Tuesday. The move comes two days ahead of the country’s presidential election. The sitting president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is facing a contest against opposition frontrunner and popular singer Bobi Wine.

Uganda President Yoweri K Museveni said, “these platforms should be used equitably, if you want to take any parts, then you can’t operate in Uganda, because Uganda is our country, we can’t accept them to decide who is good and who is bad.”

“I apologize that the Government of Uganda has closed Facebook in Uganda, this is very unfortunate but inevitable. If they are to operate here, they have to be equitable,” President Museveni added.

The Ugandan government posted, “We demand that Facebook & Twitter write directly to the individuals that lost their accounts. Since Facebook cited MoICT of Uganda in their statement, let them write to us so that there’s a chance for a fair hearing. Accounts lost on Facebook belong to the Government of Uganda employees.” After the temporary ban, Twitter expressed outrage with a post.

Twitter, Facebook and Google teamed up with Democrats to start censoring, editing and outright banning posts and accounts of Republican Party, supporters and anyone even closely related to conservative ideology in the run-up to the US Presidential Elections. The large scale manipulation of the US Election by Tech oligarchs has alarmed political leaders across the world.


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