ASI to undertake a study of Rama Setu.


Archeological Survey of India’s (ASI) Central Advisory Board on Archeology has approved a proposal for an underwater survey project to determine the method and timeline of Rama Setu’s formation.

The study is aimed to settle the debate whether the Rama Setu is a man-made structure or a natural formation. Rama Setu is long chain of shoals starting from Pamban Island-Rameshwaram Island off the Southeastern coast of India and Mannaer Island off the Northwestern coast of Sri Lanka.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and National Institute of Oceanography, Goa will study the process which led to formation of Rama Setu and to search any submerged habitations in the vicinity of Setu. NIO will use its research ships Sindhu Sadhana and Sindhu Sankalp to collect sediments.

The researchers will conduct the study using methods like archaeological, antiquities, radiometric and Thermoluminescence dating method for geological time scale.


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