Over 2000 children brought out from misery of malnutrition

children being given nutritious food at a rehabilitation centre in Sukma

More than 2000 children of Sukma district of Chhattisgarh have been helped overcome malnourishment since the launch of Sukma Karya Yojana in October, 2019 under the Mukhya Mantri Suposhan Yojana. The effective implementation Sukma Action Plan by the district administration has helped fight against malnutrition and the rate of malnutrition is steadily decreasing. Thus, Sukma Sukma Action Plan is on right track to achieve its goal.

Under this Suposhan Abhiyan, severely malnourished children are admitted to Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers through Anganwadi workers, assistants and Mitanins and necessary treatment and nutritious diet is provided to the child’s mother and child under the supervision of expert doctors.

Nutritious medicines as well as hot nutritious food like milk, khichdi etc. are given. An innovative initiative has also been taken by District Administration to reduce meal time gap and sensitise parents towards children in the Phase II.

Local youth have been added to the programme.

The rate of anemia and malnutrition is decreasing rapidly in the district. Special efforts are being made under the Sukma Abhiyan to bring physically challenged and malnourished children into normal category. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, more than two thousand malnourished children of the district have been brought under the category of normal children by the Sukma Action Plan launched under the Chief Minister Suktishan Abhiyan.


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