Top seed Amrit Vats, Aradhya Verma among others move to next rounds

Girls in action as they play their SIngles matches

All India Championship Series Tennis Tournament (Boys and Girls) U-12 began at Union Club here on Monday.

In Boys Singles Pre Quarter finals, Devansh Kaushal (MP) defeated Avyakt Agrawal by 8-3, Naitik Agrawal defeated Ahil Kedia by 8-0, Daksha Patil (Mah) defeated Alok by 8-1, Md Ariz Khan defeated Aksha Chopda by 8-0, and Vihar Sharan Bhatia defeated Tanavya Goyal by 8-0. Shaswat Nanda (Mah) got walkover in the match against Pranav Gaikwad while Sarthak Sharma got walkover in the match against Parth Gaikwad. The winners entered the quarter finals.

In quarter finals, top seed Amrit Vats (WB) defeated Avyakt Agrawal by 9-2, Daksh Patil (Mah) defeated Naitik Agrawal by 9-0, Md Ariz Khan defeated Vihar Sharan Bhatia by 9-4 and Sarthak Sharma defeated Shaswat Nanda (Mah) by 9-8 (3). The winners moved to semi finals of the tournament.

In girls’ pre-quarter finals, Suhani Pathak defeated Suchita Tripathi (Uttarakhand) by 8-1, Navya Kaushal (MP) defeated Yashika Somani by 8-2 to enter the quarter finals. In quarter finals, Aradhya Verma (Odisha) defeated Navya Kaushal  (MP) by 9-1, Isha Sharma defeated Vari Patankar (MP) by 9-0, Tanishk Bhatnagar defeated Sharwani Shriram (Mah) by 9-0 and Ritika Kaple (Mah) defeated Suhani Pathak by 9-0 to enter semi finals.


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