A Christian man allegedly vandalized a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu.

Temple painted with Christian symbols

TAMIL NADU: A Christian man has been alleged of vandalizing a Hindu temple by painting Christian symbols all over the temple walls in Tamil Nadu.

Images source: Commune mag

According to information, Amman temple in Tirupattur district was found painted with Christian cross all over the temple at village Ellapalli in Naatrampalli Taluk of Tiruppatur district.  

Around 250 Hindu families, who worship at the temple, lodged a complaint with the Naatrampalli Police Station that they regularly worship at the temple with Hindu rituals and traditions. They suspected the act as a conspiracy to illegally occupy and convert the temple into a Church.

In the complaint, villagers recalled that one Baskar, son of Mahendran, had broken the idols and temple Hundi. Two separate complaints were lodged against him with the Police in the month of July and November 2020. The incident happened on the night of Hindu festival Pongal. Baskar allegedly painted Christian cross symbols on temples as well as electric poles and a nearby bridge.

Baskar has also been alleged of hurling cuss words at villagers who confronted him over the incident. Baskar allegedly threatened them and challenged that they cannot do anything to him.


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