NIT Raipur students develop website for architect visualisation

The website designed by the NIT Raipur students.

The ALPHA team of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur developed a website ‘LOCALE’ which can be used to locate all the architectural works of various Architects and their detailed information regarding their projects with external links.

In this era of the Internet, the availability of information is not a problem. However, most of the information doesn’t have a trusted source and the information available is hard to visualize. Team ALPHA took this problem as a challenge and tries to solve the problem with convert the information in geographical visualization format (Map-based data visualization) using location-based technology.

The team of NIT Raipur students who developed the website.

Yukta Sinha, a member of Team ALPHA says, “Being an architecture student while studying about various architects and their works, we have been facing multiple difficulties regarding the information, present on the internet because of its unorganized and incomplete nature. There is an overflow of information, which tends to confuse new students who don’t know what to study and from where, which ultimately leads to the wastage of time and resources. In this website we are planning to showcase the works of various Architects in map format, categorized by their name and location.”

Under the mentorship of Professor Himanshu Poptani, Department of Architecture, NIT Raipur, the ALPHA team comprises of 4 members from a different departments. Yukta Sinha  belongs to Department of Architecture, Aditi Gupta and Sumit Kumar from Information Technology, and Siddharth Mishra from Computer Science and Engineering. Dr A M Rawani, Director NIT RAIPUR and Dr Sameer Bajpayee congratulated students and wish them luck for future.


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