Uttar Pradesh, Basti Police busted Muslim sex-trafficking gang, arrested one Aftab, rescued two Hindu girls.

Sex-trafficking accused Aftab in Basti police custody

Uttar Pradesh, Basti Police rescued two Hindu girls from a human trafficking network after arresting one Aftab. The gang targeted Hindu girls by ensnaring them into an affair or on the promise of job before sexually assaulting them and selling them to Muslim buyers to forcefully convert them to Islam.

According to the Basti Police, they swung into action following a tip-off and nabbed accused Balrampur resident Aftab while rescuing two Hindu girls aged 15 and 22-year. Police were in search of Aftab’s gang members who went at large after the police action. 

Police had launched an investigation after a brother of one of the victims lodged a missing complaint with the Basti Police Station. Police said the gang used to specifically ensnare preferably minors Hindu girls by luring them into fake love-affairs or on the promise of providing them with a Job. Once the girls fell into their trap, they then sexually assaulted them and forced them to adopt Islam after selling them to Muslim buyers.

Police said Aftab had locked the two girls in a rented flat at Mewana, Meerut. Aftab even sexually assaulted the girls, forcefully converted them to Islam and was about to dispose of them.  Aftab accepted to police that they specifically target minor Hindu girls as they are easy targets.  He did the same with two recovered girls. Aftab and his gang have subjected many Hindu girls to unspeakable atrocities including sexual and physical assault before selling them to Muslim buyers.


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