Great success can be achieved in advertising and public relations through knowledge and skills – Prof Jethwani

Speakers at KTUJMC's Orientation Programme.

Professor Jayshree Jethwani, former Head of Department, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, said that success can be achieved through skills. The field of advertising and public relations is very wide which has been existed from the very beginning of the existence of human being. Professor Jethwani stated this as keynote speaker at the orientation programme organised by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations Studies of Kushabhau Thackeray University of Journalism and Mass Communication (KTUJMC).

Vijay Mishra, General Manager, Public Relations, Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board, who was present as a special guest in the program, discussed various aspects of advertising. He discussed the importance of advertising, giving several examples. Mishra tried to explain the importance of language in India through the works of renowned writers Bharatendu Harishchandra and Akbar Allahabad and spoke about how Chhattisgarhi language was effective in the context of save electricity campaign.

Professor Pavitra Srivastava of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University, Bhopal, who was specially present in this programme, while discussing about the importance of public relations in the government sector and corporate sectors, said that there are immense opportunities for employment in the government sector and corporate sector.

Prof Srivastava said that there are immense possibilities in the field of advertising and public relations for creative and risk takers.

Apart from advertising and public relations, you can get employment like event exhibition manager, corporate communication officer, publicity officer, copywriter, visualizer and art director.

In his presiding speech, Vice Chancellor of KTUJMC Professor Baldev Bhai Sharma said that the orientation programme is a process of imparting qualitative knowledge to all students and teachers, through it the practical knowledge of advertising and public relations is given to the newcomers. It is easy to understand. Talking about journalism, Professor Baldev Bhai Sharma said that journalism is not just a subject but journalism is the name of a trend which teaches the art of continuous learning. Finally, Dr Anand Bahadur Singh, Registrar, proposed vote of thanks. The convener of the orientation programme Professor Shailendra Khandelwal, Professor Pankaj Nayan Pandey, Dr Nripendra Sharma, Dr Narendra Tripathi, Dr Rajendra Mohanty, Dr Rishi Dubey were present. The programme was conducted by Ashutosh Mandavi, HoD, Advertising and Public Relations.


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