Technology in making at NIT-RR to enhance yield from crops

The students who are engaged in the development of technology

Students of National Institute of Technology Raipur (NIT-RR) continues to develop new technology to help society grow and update with era of the cutting-edge technology. In the sequence, Team Yield.Ai of NIT Raipur aims at developing new technologies that enhance the yield from the crops and adding further nutrient content to the soil as well, in order to prevent soil erosion and maintain the soil fertility consistently over the period of time. The students are developing a device to monitor crops and will keep track of all relevant data using artificial intelligence algorithms.
Arnav Tripathi, One of the members of team, said, “We are working on a device that continuously monitors the growth of crops, over the period of time, providing daily stats to the farmer about soil condition and crop also, predicting it’s harvest date based on the climatic, soil and other conditions affecting its growth.”
The device is also responsible for automatic irrigation of fields and protecting it against pest attacks. “We have our own AI algorithms that keep a check on possible Pest attacks that occur in an area to alert farmers and equipped with devices that emit sound frequencies when a pest attack occurs thus minimizing the area, also at the same time we help those who are eager to start their career as a farmer using our app that gives you a complete idea about the suitability of the area in which you are planning to have a farm, including the temperature, humidity, weather conditions, irrigation facility, water availability in the area, AR for the farm, how it would look like, etc,” he said.
Aman Kumar Dewangan and Ananya Agrahari of the electrical department are the other members of Team Yield.AI and the team is working under the guidance of Saurabh Gupta of Innovation Cell.
Projects like these will be nominated for seed grant so that they can nourish to a greater extent. NIT Raipur director Dr A M Rawani also congratulated students for great beginning and wished them for future.


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