District Collector asks for regular functioning of rural and block level secretariats


Following a state government order, Dr S Bharthi Dasan has given instructions to conduct all the rural secretariats in Raipur district regularly and asked the officers and employees of the concerned department to be present. The Collector has written a letter to all the sub-divisional officers (Revenue) and the Chief Executive Officers of Janpad Panchayats. If the secretariat is found closed or the staff is absent from the secretariat, then disciplinary action will be taken against them, writes the district collector.

It is worth mentioning that in order to make the village level administration public oriented, transparent and sensitive, the secretariat has been set up at the village and block secretariat at janpad level, so that the day-to-day problems of the villagers can be resolved at the local level.

The Collector has mentioned in his letter that in new gram panchayats, rural secretariat is established according to the proposal of Janpad Panchayat. Rural Secretariat will also be run here. They have also set a date and day for this.

The collector said that the letters received from the janpad panchayat should be included in the block level secretariat and information of the applications received in the rural secretariat in the meeting of secretaries, information of the first fortnight on the 16th of the month and information of the second fortnight of the next month should be sent to the Deputy Director Panchayat Office in the prescribed form by 1st of the month.

It is worth mentioning that 78 Gram Panchayat Secretariats are functioning under Dharsiwa janpad. Out of this, 18 village secretariat will operate on Monday, 9 on Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday, 17 on Thursday, 14 on Friday and 4 on Saturday. Similarly, 101 village secretariats in Tilda, 119 village panchayat secretariat in Arang and 93 village panchayats in Abhanpur have been established.

It is worth mentioning that under the district panchayat Tilda, the block secretariat will be operated on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Under Abhanpur district panchayat, the block secretariat will be operated on the first and third Friday of the month.


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