Farmer leader Ruldu Singh Mansa smashes his own car’s windscreen and then accuse Delhi Police, a video exposed his lies


Punjab Kisan Union Leader Raldu Singh Mansa was caught lying when he falsely blamed Delhi Police for breaking his car’s windscreen to him from taking part in the protests.  

Before going to meeting with the Union Government, Kisan Leader Mansa, in a media interaction, alleged that Delhi Police was trying to prevent him from joining protest and smashed the windscreen of his car with a stick. Mansa also said that he will raise the issue with the Union Government.

But, all his accusations fall flat when another video went viral wherein Mansa was seen smashing the windscreen of his car when Delhi Police stopped him for a routine security check, which is a common protocol ahead of Republic Day Celebration in the National Capital and the private car, in which Mansa was travelling, wasn’t even registered with the Police’s list of cars bound to Vigyan Bhawan.  

As Delhi Police asked where he was going, Mansa took it to his ego and riled up. He smashed the windscreen with a hockey stick. Entire act of temper tantrum by Mansa was recorded by some in the crowd.

Farmers so far have rejected all the offers, burnt the olive branches offered by the Union Government to address their concerns. They remain headstrong with their one and only demand of repealing of all three farm laws even as the Government agreed to suspend the laws for one or one and a half year.


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