Virtual lecture of Alumni of Geology organised at Govt Science College

guest speakers during the virtual lecture

A virtual lecture has been organised at Government Nagarjuna Post Graduate College of Science Raipur on Saturday under the best practices of IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell). Anurag Diwan, Joint Director, Mineral Resource Department, Govt of Chhattisgarh who is alumni of Science College was invited as Guest speaker.

Principal Dr Radha Pandey said, “We should know our mother earth and understand its importance. How volcanoes, earthquakes and continental drift affect on earth’s atmosphere. How animal and plant life have affected through times by changing earth climatic condition. The richness of a state or country depends on its natural mineral resources. It is the responsibility of geologist to conserve the environment and optimal use of resources like surface and underground water without disturbing our mother earth.”

Dr Rajeeva Guhey, Professor and IQAC coordinator Geology, introduced the chief guest. In his motivational speech on the topic “How important you as a Geologist for my state”, Anurag shared his 30 years experience serving as Geologist and administrative jobs. During his services in the state of Chhattisgarh, he got the opportunity to modify previous monotonous system to advanced computerised smart system.

One who understands the gap between these two and manages the things, he or she is satisfied in life. So the students of Geology should proceed in their professional life and tries to introduce new reforms for the betterment of society and state Government. Dr Diwan told his success story after becoming Nodal officer for Mines Auction in 2015, and received the Mineral Auction Award 2018 and National e-governence award 2018-19 by Govt of India. He encouraged students to appear apart from Geologists exam, they must appear in all competitive examinations with Geology as main subject that will help score in general knowledge and general studies. His motivational speech was very much beneficial to PG students of Geology. Prof Pradeep Thakur gave the vote of thanks. The programme was conducted by MSc Sem I student Srishti Tiwari.


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