Martyr Colonel Santosh Babu to be conferred with Maha Vir Chakra on Republic Day


The Union Government will confer martyr Colonel Bikkumalla Santosh Babu of 16th Bihar Battalion with the 2nd highest war-time gallantry award “Maha Vir Chakra” on the Republic Day. Colonel Santosh Babu had achieved martyrdom in a clash with Chinese forces in Galwan Valley on June 16, 2020.

Indian Army’s top ranking officials had recommended the name of Colonel Santosh Babu, who made the ultimate sacrifice after taking down several Chinese soldiers in the Galwan valley skirmish.  

Colonel Santosh Babu was tasked with the mission to remove Chinese post after a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers. As Colonel Babu and 35 Jawans reached the site of clash, Chinese, which outnumbered Indian troops by a wide margin, attacked Colonel Babu and his Jawans with sticks & stones. The clash claimed the lives of Colonel Babu including 20 Jawans.

Instituted on 26 Jan 1950 to recognise the act of  gallantry in the presence of the enemy.

Medal: Circular in shape and is made of standard silver, and is embossed on the obverse a five-pointed heraldic star with the points of the star just touching the rim.  The medal shall be one and three eighth inches in diameter.  The State emblem (including motto) is embossed in the centre-piece which is adorned.  The star is polished and the centrepiece is in gold gilt.  On the reverse, it will have embossed Maha Vir Chakra both in Hindi and English with two lotus flowers between Hindi and English.  The fitting is swivel mounting.

Ribbon: The ribbon is of a half-white and half-orange colour.

Bar: If any recipient of the Chakra again performs such an act of bravery, as makes him or her eligible to receive the Chakra, such further act of bravery will be recorded by a Bar to be attached to the riband by which the chakra is suspended. For every Bar awarded, a replica of the Chakra in miniature shall be added to the riband when worn alone.

The medal is awarded for gallantry in the presence of the enemy on land, at sea or in the air.  The decoration may be awarded posthumously. Monetary Allowance.     Rs. 2400/- pm and each bar to the decoration will carry the same amount of monetary allowance as admissible to the original award with effect from 01.02.1999


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